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Anderson Field


  1.  Umpires clock will serve as the official time clock for all games.
  2.  The Home team manager is responsible for picking up the keys from the police station and opening up the field. After the completion of the game the keys need to be handing off to the next games home team manager. The manager of the last game of that day needs to return the keys to the police station.
  3.  The snack stand must be open in order to start a game. 2 parents from the Home Team must manage the stand stand during every game. Parents  my split time as long as the entire game is covered by 2 parents of the HOME TEAM. The snack stand is off limits to all children and only adults 16 years and older are allowed in the snack stand. Umpires are not permitted in the snack stand to help themselves to any product.
  4.  The field house should only be used for keeping score and adults are permitted only. The team manager should assign a team parent of assistant coach to run the score board. No children are allowed in the field house without Adult supervision.
  5.  No on deck batters, no “donuts”, and no holding bats in dugout. Bats should only be in hand on the way to the plate.
  6.  No players are to warm up off the field on the blacktop. Pitchers & catches are to warm up in foul territory along the first and third base outfield lines during their teams time at bat. Catches must be in full gear with their backs towards home plate. Pitchers will be facing home plate. A third player last in the order will be in front of the catcher wearing a helmet and glove to protect the catcher. If the batting cage is open teams should have the pitchers warm up in the cage.
  7.  Batters must wear protective NOCSAE helmets.
  8.  Catchers must wear helmet/mask with throat protector, chest protector, shin guards and protective cup.
  9.  Players warming up game pitchers during infield warm-ups or between innings must wear helmet/mask with throat protector and a protective cup. Coaches are not permitted to warm up game pitchers.
  10.  Both teams of the 1st game are responsible to get the field ready for play; remove tarps, insert bases, rake where needed, line field and batters box.
  11.  Both teams of the 2nd game are responsible for field clean up and lock up; drag field, put tarps in place, clean dugouts, empty all garbage cans, inspect and clean the field house, check that all doors are locked, check that all lights have been turned out and return keys to the police station.


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