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Tri-Boro Little League

General Rules

TriBoro Little League 
Instructional Divison Baseball / Softball

Game Play


1)     Instructional level players, play a three (3) inning game.

2)     There will be NO LEADING and NO STEALING. (not even on pass balls)

3)     All players in the batting order will bat in every inning.

4)     Machine Pitch three (3) Attempts, Coach Pitch three (3) Attempts if the player does not hit after those attempts place the tee.

5)     We will be playing outs, meaning when the team in the field makes and out at a base the runner will come off the field and the batting team receives and out.

a.     After three outs we will clear the base runners and continue on in your batting order. Until all players have batted. (Then teams switch sides.)

6)     All players must play the field at least two inning.

a.     You can have 10 players on the field, split your outfield in 4s (if you choose to)

         i.     Left, Left Center, Right Center, Right

b.     Set up 3rd base, Short Stop, 2nd Base, First Base, a Catcher, and Pitcher on the mound.

7)     Rotate positions on every inning so all players get to try different positions.

a.     In Game instruction

  i.     Teach the basemen what happens after the pitch and when the ball is hit.

                ii.     Make sure the go back to the bags and are watching the play for the ball to be thrown to them.

                iii.     Teach flow of the game if the ball is hit to the short stop who covers the bag at second base, If the ball is hit to the 2nd basemen who covers the bag. Same for 1st base and third.

             iv.     If the ball gets hit into the outfield who becomes the cut. Teach them the actual position.

8)     Let teach in game scenarios runners on 1st who’s the ball go to, runners on 1st and third where does the ball go. What is a force? Where does the ball go.

The reason for the change in format is simple most players moving up to the minors division seem lost and do not know the fundamentals. This is a more realistic way of instructing these young players. This not only trains the players but its also helping train managers and coaches. From what you see on the field you will know what to go back and work on in your practices.

Games can be modified, but both coaches must agree on the modification.


This year also want to try something new as well and give you guys a small championship and playoff rounds. To do this we will need to keep score.

For the first half of the season we will not be keeping score, instead we would like you to focus on the fundamentals, making outs in the field and batting.

I will send out and email once we are ready for you guys to keep score.

Scoring will go as follows.

Scoring will only happen in the first three (3) outs, any player crossing homeplate after the three outs the run does not count.

Only runs crossing the plate within the first three (3) outs will count.

At the end of the game the home Team will enter game scores. ( A link will go out when this is ready)

Other points

• “Soft’ 11 inch softballs will be used for softball.
• “Soft’ T baseball will be used for baseball

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