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General Rules

TriBoro Little League 
Instructional Divison Baseball / Softball

1. The home team will supply one new ball and one used ball per game.
2. Both home and visiting team’s coaches are responsible for field setup.
3. Practice stations are to be set up based on the training sessions for all games throughout the season. Coaches from both teams will run the stations as an integrated practice for the first 45 minutes.
4. Games will be 3 innings long so that each batter gets 3 times at bat.
5. Unlimited substitutions on the field.
6. Any player coming late will enter the bottom of the batting order.
7. Three adult coaches are permitted on the field during games. All coaches permitted during warm ups and between innings.
8. Each player should play at least 1 inning in the infield with 9 players for baseball and 10 players for softball with 4 outfielders. Based on small rosters coaches can agree to play more players in the outfield to get them more playing time.
9. All players will bat in the lineup.
10. Coaches will pitch overhand to baseball (from their knee if needed) and underhand to softball.
11. The decision to play or not to play the game due to inclement weather must be mutually agreed upon by both team’s managers.
12. Uniforms must be worn.

Hitting and base Running

1. Coaches will pitch and catch to their players. If players show interest and catching they should be given the chance during station work. As the year advances coaches may choose to try some catchers in games to get them experience for the next level.  

*NOTE coach is responsible to check that all equipment is being used including approved mask with throat protector and an athletic cup.

2. A maximum of 5 pitches should be pitched, if the batter does not hit, they should be given soft toss to complete their at bat. If the player still has difficulty after 5 tosses then he/she should be considered a walk and sent to first base.
3. Each team will bat their roster per inning. After 3 outs the bases will clear but the team will complete their at bats until the roster is completed.
4. No stealing or leading is permitted.
5. No advancement is allowed on an overthrow.
6. On a hit that clears the outfield on the ground coaches should allow players doubles only. On a hit that goes over an outfielder triples and even a HR can be given.
7. No score will be recorded

Other points

• “Soft’ 11 inch softballs will be used for softball.
• “Soft’ T baseball will be used for baseball

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